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Therapy is a strong option when dealing with the possibility of divorce!

The answer is within you!!!
Relationships, sadness, stress, hope!

Divorce Rate! Help is here!

The divorce rate in Murray, Utah is almost 15% per year. Vernal is the city number one in the state of Utah with the highest divorce rate and Murray is number 8. There is a lot of stress involved with the process of divorce. Often the stress leads to major problems such as depression (situation) and other families issues if there is children involved. I have gone through this process myself and can attest that it can be devastating for everyone. In the trauma list of events divorce is second to death.

Therapy can help but wiliness has to be to first step!

People asked me all the time. How can I resolve my marriage issues. My answer is always the same. It starts with wiliness to try, to talk, to see, to seek to understand. It requires a lot of work but if you believe in primary love relationship you might as well try.


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